Asia Green Fund Gains Multiple Honors in the 2022 CV Awards


On May 19th, CVINFO officially released the 2022 CV Awards. Asia Green Fund was awarded the 2022 TOP10 Most Promising Private Equity Investment Institution of China, and the 2022 TOP20 Best Investment Institution in Carbon Neutrality Industry of China for its excellent investment performance and positive attitude in the field of carbon neutrality. Sunwoda EVB, one of Asia Green Fund's portfolio, was awarded the 2022 TOP10 Best Investment Case in the Carbon Neutrality Industry of China.

CVINFO Institute chose the market-oriented investment institutions in China as the selection targets, based on the five criteria: fundraising scale, number, and scale of portfolios, number, and scale of exit cases, performance, and projects under the management of institutions from 2022 Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st, and finally selected qualified equity investment institutions to recommend on the main list, sub-list, and service list according to the scores.

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