Mojia Biotech Raises over 100 Million RMB in Series A Funding Led by AGF


Shanghai, China, August 2020 – Mojia Biotech (MojiaBio), a syn-bio company developing technologies to revolutionize conventional chemical manufacturing, announced today that it has raised over 100 million RMB in a series A round from Asia Green Fund, with participation from globally recognized individual investors in the biomedical sector.
Leveraging cutting edge synthetic biotechnologies, MojiaBio works at the interface between biology and chemistry to revolutionize conventional chemical manufacturing. The company specializes in engineering enzymes and microbes to enable novel pathways for value-added chemicals, process optimization and product manufacturing at scale. With the goal to build an innovative enterprise, the company’s corporate R&D center in Shanghai develops proprietary technologies to achieve product innovation, cost reduction, high atom economy, and sustainable development in the chemical, energy and material fields.
“This round of financing will be mainly used to commercialize our first portfolio of products, and will allow us to further expand our future product pipelines,” said Indra J. Santana, CEO of MojiaBio. “We’re very excited to have top investors like Asia Green Fund and others to support our efforts and continued growth.”
“Specialty chemical manufacturing is one of the most dynamic fields in the chemical industry today,” said Bo Bai, Chairman and CEO of Asia Green Fund. “MojiaBio’s core R&D activities and cross-disciplinary innovations effectively address the key issues typically associated with traditional chemical processes, for instances, safety, high energy consumptions, and by-products that are often difficult to be separated. The company's philosophy to constantly innovate has laid huge technical barriers for potential competitors. We are very glad to work with MojiaBio to promote cost-leading manufacturing and green process development in the chemical and new material industries.”
Compared with the incumbent chemical manufacturing process, MojiaBio’s proven technology could reduce the generation of various pollutants by more than 150,000 tons per year, which aligns well with the investment theme of Asia Green Fund.
Chemical industry is a proven pillar of China’s national economic growth and competitiveness. Chemicals are used in different consumer goods, but also serve as raw material in industries to produce end products that fulfills everyone’s daily needs in forms of synthetic material, food and agriculture additives, medicines, electronic goods, constructions, and many others. However, increasingly stringent environmental protection and safety policies significantly raised compliance costs to existing producers, and over time, have already led to many operation suspensions or shut downs. In today’s new world, being ‘green’ is no longer a cost of doing business, but an opportunity for companies like MojiaBio for innovations, new market and export opportunities and wealth creation.
“Asia Green Fund continues to pay attention to investment opportunities in the field of syn-bio and new material,” said Bo Bai. “MojiaBio is our first investment in these emerging areas of technologies today. As a shareholder, we will actively provide post-investment services to accelerate the company’s future growth.”

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