To become the benchmark of green impact private equity firm

• We aim to deliver risk-adjusted market returns with measurable environmental impact for our investors.
• We aim to create a lasting green impact to communities in China and throughout Asia by staying disciplined with our investment approach and focus.
• We aim to demonstrate as a benchmark in impact investing by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent who share our values and culture.

  • Directly Managed

    U.S.-China Green Fund I: 
    Our LP ecosystem consists of leading institutions and enterprises from industrial, finance and technology sectors including Three Gorges, Huaneng, CNPC, An Steel, CAS, ICBC, CCB, Wisdom, Trinasolar, Envision, China Securities and Caixin Financial.  Our sustainable investments along with strong financial returns have contributed to a low-carbon and green economy.

    Carbon Neutrality Advanced Material Fund II:
    The Fund focuses more on the investment of high quality enterprises that master the core technology and production process advantages in the new material industry, with extensive market application opportunities in the main fields.

  • Co-Managed

    Four Rivers Investment :
    An investment management firm co-founded by Asia Green Fund, Invesco, Baowu Group and China Merchants Group, has accumulated over $1.1 billion in AUM . Four Rivers Investment has launched the first Steel Sector Restructuring Fund in China, as well as a Steel Industry Development Equity Investment Fund and a Smart Manufacturing Industry Fund. 
    Three Gorges Green Fund:
    Co-founded by China Three Gorges Capital, Asia Green Fund, Tsinghua Asset Management, Three Gorges Green Fund currently manages $700 million, with an investment focus in clean energy, environmental protection industries and other green industries. Three Gorges Green Fund is committed to becoming a market-driven demonstration green fund.

Green Impact Investing
Asia Green Fund is an early private equity fund in China to institutionalize ESG policies and conduct green impact assessments on our investments· We have cooperated extensively with global impact investment guidance agencies and evaluation institutions· Through the investment practice of the U·S· -China Green Fund I, we have established a complete green impact investment process and ecosystem· In the process of “fundraising, investing, post-investment management and exiting” , we deeply integrate green impact assessment, to discover sub-sectors and investment portfolios with significant benchmarking and green effects·
• We have developed a primary market-applicable green impact quantification system, Green Impact and SG Performance Analytics (GISPA)
       • We regularly report our portfolios’ green impact performance and our funds’ comprehensive ESG scores
• We regularly assist portfolios with value-adding ESG development, including green technology integration, ESG strategies establishment and branding with ESG principles

U.S.-China Green Fund was formally established
U.S.-China Green Fund I completed all the fundraising work, with a total size of RMB2.3 billion
Co-managed Four River Investment and Three Gorges Green Fund with a total size of RMB12.9 billion 
Officially rebrand our name to "Asia Green Fund"
Released "AGF Carbon Neutrality and Green Impact Report 2020", and completed a large-scale account closing of Carbon Neutrality Advanced Material Fund II

Completed the first overseas M&A transaction (Elessent) and expand the internationalization strategic development map
Asia Green Fund, since its founding, has established a strong corporate culture. Using the acronym “MIRROR,” we strongly believe in the following dynamics as part of our core values.
Huamei Green Foundation is an independent non-profit organization established by Asia Green Fund. Since its establishment in September 2017, the Foundation has mainly focused on three areas: green education, green training, and green poverty alleviation. Driven by the themes of “environmental protection” and “zero waste,” the Foundation has developed a series of original training courses that are vivid and engaging to its audience, bringing green concepts to campuses, corporations, and communities. Our courses enhance public awareness of environmental protection, increase public willingness to act green, and promote public adoption of greener lifestyles. The Foundation encourages our course participants, whether they are elementary school students, corporate executives, or community citizens, to participate in green initiatives. Currently, more than 10 training courses have been conducted in Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Hebei, and Yunnan Province, with more than 800 participants. In the future, we will develop more partnerships to achieve social responsibility, enhance our influence, and strive to take the lead in green and sustainable development education and action.
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