Asia Green Fund Attended the Signing Ceremony of Dussur


Recently, the Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Co., known as Dussur and owned by PIF, Aramco and SABIC successfully held a signing ceremony and announced the signing of five new shareholder agreements, in which included four joint ventures and a global acquisition transaction. As one of the five agreements, Dussur officially completed the wholly-owned acquisition of the clean technology business of DuPont, which is a leading supplier of clean technology. Bo Bai, founder and chairman of AGF, which is the leading company of the deal, was invited to attend the ceremony to witness the important moment together.

DuPont Clean Technology has officially changed its name to Elessent Clean Technologies after the acquisition, and owns all the patents and technologies of its predecessor in an independent capacity, and continues to serve thousands of industrial customers in more than 20 countries and markets around the world, including North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

RaedAl-Rayes, CEO of Dussur, said that the signing of the agreements is a practical demonstration of its mission of investing in the industrial sector in the Kingdom. Dussur portfolio has attracted foreign investments of over SR1 billion ($266 million) and will create more than 2,600 direct employment position by 2030, with a employment nationalization rate of 65%. At the same time, he said that the expected added value of Elessent to Saudi Arabia's GDP in the next 20 years is equivalent to 50 billion Saudi riyals.

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