AGF is evaluated as "2021 China's Top 20 Investment Institution in ESG"


36Kr hosted 2021’s China Investor Future Summit on May 11th, 2021, in the city of Shen Zhen China. 36Kr is the Chinese equivalent of TechCrunch in the US. Hundreds of professional funding institutions met together to analyze the current trend of capitals and discuss the future commercial value of capitals. This was the first time that 36Kr started an investigation of investment institutions with the idea of ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance). In addition, 36Kr initiated an evaluation of the list of ESG investment institutions: 80% of the evaluation standard was based on the business performance of the institution, and 20% of the evaluation standard was based on the institutions’ understanding of ESG concept and application of ESG concept. Asia Green Fund was voted as China’s Top 20 of 2021 Best investment firms in ESG.

Guojing Zhang says: “the motivation of Asia Green Fund comes from three different aspects, the first one is the confidence of the general trend. The second one is the DNA of AGF. The last one is the environmentally friendly investments made by AGF, which is the most important concept of AGF”. 
In recent years, ESG and the investment related to environment has become a common sense of the society. After the outbreak of Covid, the society paid attention to the problems, such as right of Medi-care, the right of human, and protection of environment. Then, the whole society reflected how to maintain the economic orders under globalization. Moreover, companies formed a consensus that how to form firms’ lasting value- great performance of ESG brings cost reduction, increase of asset value. Also, great performance of ESG benefited a firm’s reputation, efficiency of operation, and protection from law. As a distinguishable funding, running in an environmentally friendly base, AGF’s goal was to “green” China, affect Asia” by investment. AGF approached the goal by helping firms to develop in an environmentally friendly base and transform of industries.
Besides, 36Kr published . AGF was the only case used as example by 36Kr. 36Kr realized AGF has constructed a “Green Power Ecosphere” including, limited partners, invested companies, national certification organizations, international influential organizations, and the third partner data services firms. AGF has implanted the ESG concept into its DNA. 

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