AGF featured in PEI’s list of “Innovators in ESG and Impact Investing 2021"


In the recently released "Responsible Investment Report 2021", PEI published its inaugural 30 Big Ideas Shaping ESG list which highlighted how private equity is bringing fresh thinking to address the environmental, social and governance challenges facing the world. The innovative approach taken by Asia Green Fund to making environmental impact through private equity investment was featured in one of the six case studies that show the potential of impact investing.
The call for participation in the selection of the inaugural 30 Big Ideas was launched last July. Many institutions, from large corporations to multi-billion-dollar asset management companies to smaller firms, responded with enthusiastic participation. Asia Green Fund was selected from over 130 applicants to be featured in the list of “Innovators in ESG and Impact Investing 2021” for its innovative ideas of promoting sustainable development in China through private equity investment.
In the “Impact in Action” case study on environmental impact, PEI commented: “It is rare to see an Asia-based manager so explicitly aligned with ESG goals as Asia Green Fund”, which “applies a ‘green impact assessment’ throughout the firm and portfolio company investment cycle, and a quantification system (the Green Impact and SG Performance Analytics) to measure the impact of every dollar invested.”
AGF pursues both market-rated financial returns and environmental impact in each and every investment it makes. Alongside rigorous financial modeling and due diligence, AGF also evaluates and quantifies environmental impact in every deal. According to AGF’s estimate, it has saved 1,200 GWh of energy for each RMB 100 million investment in its portfolio.
PEI has noted that the majority of investors have demonstrated unyielding commitment to addressing environmental, social and governance issues in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. As a leading market-driven green impact investment fund, Asia Green Fund has defined a clear vision, "Invest-Greenergize China-Impact Asia", to guide all of its investments. AGF has invested in leading companies in the new materials, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, industrial internet and environmental services sectors. Through its influence as an investor in the portfolio companies and by leveraging its strong portfolio management and services capabilities, AGF helped its portfolio companies enhance their businesses to generate environmental impact for the society while creating value for its investors.
PEI is a global media group, focusing on alternative asset information across private equity, real estate, private debt, infrastructure and agricultural investments. PEI, owning 12 financial information platforms, has published a globally recognized magazine and news website. Besides, PEI has managed a series of alternative asset-specific databases.

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