Asia Green Fund Invests In Suzhou Lead Biotechnology


Asia Green Fund, a leading green impact investing PE firm, recently announced its investment in Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited. This is Asia Green Fund’s next move in the bio-manufacturing field after investing in Mojia Biotech Limited.

Founded in 2015, Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited is a leading technology company formed by a number of well-known returnee scholars. The company focuses on the bio-manufacturing of major chemical products and the replacement of biological processes in heavily-polluted industries, and has profound R&D capabilities and industrialization experience. Thanks to the core team's years of accumulation in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, enzyme engineering, green chemistry and its industrialization, Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited has applied a number of patents and completed the development of a number of products.

Xie Xinkai, founder and chairman of Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited, has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and bioengineering with over a decade of experience in enzyme catalysis projects. He has successfully developed several enzyme products and has received the 2012 U.S. Green Chemistry Presidential Challenge Award

When talking about why they chose Asia Green Fund as one of their shareholders, Xie Xinkai said, after several months of communication, we deeply felt Asia Green Fund’s deep understanding of the industry pattern and development trend, as well as its passion for green chemistry. We are very happy to create more value and to realize a bigger vision with a shareholder who understands the industry, focuses on technology and can help the company's subsequent development.

According to Bo Bai, Chairman and CEO of Asia Green Fund, bio-manufacturing is an important way to achieve green development in the fields of energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Guided by the goal of achieving carbon neutrality, both traditional chemical giants and many new power have targeted this new blue ocean which is with great potential. Suzhou Lead Biotechnology Company Limited, as a representative of the new powers, has outstanding R&D capabilities and a rich product pipeline, which has impressed Asia Green Fund. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with the company to promote green transformation and low carbon development in industrial sectors.

As we all know, bio-manufacturing is one of the key industries developed by the country and the main direction of China's strategic emerging industries. Mass production of chemicals and new materials through bio-manufacturing can not only reduce production costs, but also cut the pollution and the emission of waste such as carbon dioxide, bringing innovation to the traditional chemical industry.

As the earliest private equity fund focusing on impact investing in China, Asia Green Fund has been paying close attention to the development of the bio-manufacturing field from a very early time. It has not only witnessed the accumulation of industry momentum, but also sorted out a complete investment map and using that map to expand systematic layout and to boost the wave of industrialization.

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