Technology Support & Value Creation

AGF has established an in-house Green Technology Research Institute (GTRI). Evaluating innovative and practical green smart technologies and products in the market, the professional team provides portfolio companies and our partners with consulting, technology introduction, technology integration as well as multi-dimensional services including green supply chain solutions. At the same time, the GTRI has independently developed an ESG evaluation system, which not only quantifies the green impact of investment behavior before investment, but also helps the portfolio companies establish an ESG system/standard that conforms to its own after investment. The combination of the system and investment strategy not only reduces investment risks, but also helps the portfolio companies to standardize their operations and make it easier for them to be recognized by the international community.

Capital Market & Financing

In addition to providing capital support for the growth of portfolio companies, we also assist portfolios in opening up a variety of financing channels, connecting with financial and intermediary institutions, and assisting them in completing IPOs.

Branding & Marketing

We provide support for the portfolio companies with brand positioning, publicity and marketing, including introducing mainstream media resources, communication plan design, crisis management and marketing campaign planning and other related services.

Legal & Finance Management:

We provide legal services, taxation, auditing and other professional services as well as risk control support for the portfolio companies. We help the companies establish a solid financial system and internal control system to avoid risks and losses.

HR Services & Operation Optimization

Talent is the core competitive edge of enterprise development. AGF has a professional administrative and HR team, who can deeply diagnose the needs of enterprises in building organizational structure, talent selection, salary system and incentive mechanism at different development stages and in different industries, to assist the company in mid- to long-term planning, continuously optimize the operation level, improve corporate governance and retain/attract outstanding talents.

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